Top Four Programming Languages In Demand In 2021

 We all know that what we use to program (or code, name it however you want to) are codes – but how is it exactly that we come up with them? If you’re thinking that it can’t be something random, you’re right; codes are never random, they are just the end result of a certain programming language!

What is a programming language then?

A programming language is a set of symbols that we use to write instructions for our computers to follow and, well, understand. It is through these symbols that we actually transform our thoughts into something a computer can run. There are two types of these programming languages and they are low-level programming languages and high-level programming languages. Low-level languages are similar to binary, and they make up some of the fast and direct rules computers will follow. High-level languages are generally more close to our languages; they include words like “run” “request” “object” etc. They are easier for us to understand and type, but it takes some time until a computer processes them as a rule that needs to be obeyed.

What programming languages are popular in 2021?

Now that we are aware of the differences between low and high-level programming languages, let’s see what programming languages are in demand in 2021.

JavaScript – JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages out there. It is used for web development, (with it, building web servers), game development, and app development. The reason why JavaScript is one of the most popular languages is that it is very easy to learn! You don’t have to know anything about coding, and you’ll still be good with using JavaScript. When it comes to web development, the reason why JavaScript is still (and has been) people’s favorite language is that it allows for the creation of interactive websites – as a programmer you can create various dynamic animations, buttons, pages that are in demand today.

– Python – Python is an incredibly versatile programming language, used by many great programmers of today. It is most often used for back-end development and app development in general, with one exception –  Python isn’t suitable with mobile app development so if your goal is to learn to code for mobile apps, I advise you to stick with JavaScript. With that being said, it’s important to note that Python is also a language that is very easy to learn which is often why a lot of new programmers rely on it. As it’s incredibly easy to use and learn, a lot of popular platforms of today are built using it – take, for example, Instagram and Pinterest! Both were built using Python!

– HTML – Another programming language that is extremely easy to learn and use is HTML. In fact, HTML was also one of the first, if not the first, programming languages I learned in school! It is often used for website development and maintenance: all the structure (whether it’s headings or paragraphs) you see on a website is created with HTML codes.

– C – C (or C++) is one of those languages that everybody is familiar with but afraid to learn as it’s more difficult than all the previous languages I mentioned. However, this is an excellent programming language and it’s often used for the creation of operating systems and file systems! It also allows for multi-platform development and game development.