What Programming Languages Are Used In VR?

I’ve previously discussed on this blog how I didn’t think VR would make it to 2021; to me, a few years ago, it didn’t seem like it would enter fields it is in now, hence why I discredited it. I know many of you know VR because of VR games, but there are so many other fields of entertainment and business VR is included in! For example, as of recent, VR headsets are being used at medical universities for easier understanding of possibly difficult surgeries, they are also used for “at home foreign city tours” where people travel, virtually of course, to a city of their choice in order to feel what the city feels like to them, etc.

As it is omnipresent, VR tech needs developers now more than ever, so it could stay relevant in this industry. And I know I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth repeating again: do you know how VR tech was and still is being created? It was created by using programming languages. Today I’ll introduce you to the programming languages used in the VR industry and briefly summarize them.

Before we start, I need to let you know that the programming language of choice depends on what field of VR you want to code for. There are different programming languages used for different branches of the VR industry.

What programming languages are used in the VR industry?

As I have just mentioned, before you start programming for a VR company, you will need to decide what field you want to work in. Are you interested in gaming? Creating web apps for VR? This will greatly help you with choosing a programming language. With that being said, here is a list of programming languages you can rely on when coding for VR software.

· C# – C# is a programming language that a lot of beginners rely on when coding for VR games. Usually, you as a developer, will code in an engine called Unity which is an engine that maximizes the impact of the C# language. Take note, however, that you can use C# in Unity for creating and coding games on the smaller side, as Unity does not support larger files. You can code in it both on Apple products and your PC.

· C / C++ – Another great programming language that is used for gaming is C (and/or C++). As you may or may not know, although they are similar to C#, both C and C++ are a bit more difficult to grasp, but when you do understand their basics, you will be unstoppable. When it comes to coding for gaming, C and C++ work in an engine called Unreal which allows its users to create games on the larger side (contrary to Unity), with much detail.

· JavaScript – If you’re not interested in creating games, JavaScript will be the perfect programming language for you. With it, you can create many web apps that are suitable for VR. It allows you to code not only in 2D, but 3D, which makes your apps more interactive.