Controllers VS Keyboard: What’s Better For PC Gaming?

Ah, the age old question: Should you use a keyboard and a mouse or a controller for your PC gaming? I can already hear keyboard warriors starting to defend keyboard and mouse setups from afar… I have, however, until recently, always preferred playing with a controller; to me, it made a lot of sense that you can have everything, all control buttons in a small object, and most importantly – you don’t have to be glued to your PC all the time, you can sit wherever you want to. But, as I’m growing older and learning more, I do realize why there are so many keyboard warriors (for the uninitiated, there are people calling themselves keyboard warriors and they are keyboard-setup-fanatics. They usually scream at you in caps lock on the internet to prove how wrong you are with your choice). Somehow, it only now clicked that the keyboard setup might be a “better choice” of the two. And today, I thought I could share some of the specific issues I found with playing a controller and why I’m more into the keyboard setup as of now.

Space and layout

While I used to like having every control button in a small object (the controller), I have to admit that having the entire keyboard for all the possible control buttons is a better option; you have much more space to dedicate to your gameplay.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the regular wasd movement, you can change it to wherever you want to; the same goes for any other button on the keyboard.

When it comes to the controller, you have a limited amount of buttons and all are already predestined to be used in one way. Keyboard gives you much more control over your gameplay, in the end.


I hate to admit it, but you really have more control when you play on your PC with a mouse. First and foremost, I think it is so because we usually use a mouse whenever we’re on the PC so it makes more sense that you would perform better with it.

We already learn to be precise while browsing anything on our PCs, so I figure that’s one of the reasons why you can be extremely precise while playing a game using a mouse. A mouse usually serves multiple tasks in the game: you control your walking, your camera / point of view, and your attack on it. When it comes to controllers, you usually have to use two frontal buttons, one that controls your walk, the other your camera, while the attack buttons are the ones you find either on the side or on the back of the controller. And in that process of controlling both your camera and walk (using a controller), you may often not be able to precisely attack or target your enemy in the game.

With that being said, I do believe that this is all very subjective

Bear in mind that the things I mentioned above are the things that seem to bother me now with my gaming; before I never even noticed the issues with the controller because I was so used to playing with it. It was incredibly easy for me to have control over it. It’s only now that I started relying on my keyboard setup that I see the differences. So really, it’s up to you which one you choose for yourself.