Will There Be Another Console After PS5?

If you’re into gaming at all, chances are that you have played on a console at least once in your life. I remember my first encounter with a PlayStation 2; it was at my friend’s house and she was playing Resident Evil (I forgot which part), and that is when I first realized that consoles are superior to every PC I had. Of course, that now, looking back, I see how and why that isn’t necessarily true, but I kind of understand where I was coming from; I was a child looking at a new platform to play games on – it looked beyond cool, you could stream it on your TV (this was somehow very important to me back then) so, of course PlayStation would become my next obsession.

Fast forward to 2021, I don’t know if you have heard, but with the arrival of the PS5, Sony has created a boom in the economy – I have been wanting to purchase one for such a long time and whenever I browse at any store, it’s always out of stock. It’s not only out of stock because of the hype it created around its release – it’s also out of stock because its performance is 100% better than the last generation. And not only that the performance is great, it also allows us to play games created for PS4 as well! Unfortunately, from what I’ve heard, Sony is rumored to have cancelled the next generation release; they are apparently going to stop creating consoles, making PS5 the last one in their long line of generations.

Why is this so?

From what I’ve gathered, the idea is that consoles are now outdated (ouch – am I that old?!) and that now people spend far too much time on online gaming and streaming, which consoles lack. Surely, you can mount your camera and adjust it so you can stream your PS5 gameplay to your twitch account, but it’s not something that you can see that often.

But aren’t there rumors that PS5 will have a Pro edition in 2023?

I have heard of it myself, yes, but that is just a rumor. PlayStation’s CEO said that they think that they will be moving forward with gaming and keeping up with the industry.

They also noticed that consoles are becoming outdated and in order to keep up with what the industry wants, they will be focusing on other projects.

However, there may be hope, as the CEO said that they didn’t believe there would be a PS5 after a PS4, and yet, we still have it!

Is this all because of the pandemic?

I don’t really have an answer to that, as it would call for a proper research in order to determine the correct answer, but, it could be, yes, because I’ve seen a rise in popularity of online gaming. Almost everyone I know knows a streamer, and somehow, everybody’s into gaming. I’ve never seen such a boom in the industry happen so quickly, but I understand why that could have happened. We were in lockdown almost for a year – people had to find a way out of their rooms, and gaming just seemed to be a perfect fit for many.

What do you think? Do you think the PS5 will not be the last console in the row?