Most Popular Gamers of Today

I’m quite fond of watching play-through videos of certain games I like online; sometimes, if I don’t want to re-play a game that I love, I find it comforting watching someone play it for the first time, and other times, if it’s a game I have issues playing (coughs Cyberpunk 2077 coughs), I love watching videos that help me finish the game by explaining what I should do when I’m stuck. This is something I’ve been doing for a long, long time (to be honest, since 2010!) and I don’t see myself stopping really. And in the decade of my dedicated watching of the YouTubers playing games, I have seen a lot of great gamers start their channels on this platform and I’ve seen a lot of them get popular (which is great), so I thought, why not share a list of popular gamers of today that I support? There might be some you have and have not heard of, and I hope you check them out and like them in the end. If you think there are some other gamers I should have mentioned, leave a comment!

The first place in my heart (according to the statistics, he really is the most popular gamer of today – mentioning this so you know I’m not completely biased)

PewDiePie – Of course PewDiePie is in first place! I think he was the first gamer I watched online, and ever since then I haven’t stopped watching him. He is most known for playing horror games in his early career (Amnesia, Outlast) which is what drew me to him as I love the horror genre in games. Nowadays, he still does gameplay videos but not to that extent he used to do before; they still are really entertaining!

Dream – I stumbled upon Dream when I was playing and watching thousands of Among Us streams last year (no shade), and I have to say that I’m glad that I see his name in the “most popular gamers of today” list. Incredibly funny and smart, his gameplay videos bring you both entertainment and knowledge!

Markiplier – Another “old” YouTube gamer that is still relevant today is Mark. He is most famous for playing horror and indie games. I was surprised to see that he is popular with the newer generation as well, but I’m glad he is. His gameplays are really great, and you can learn very much from them about both the game, and the ways you can finish it.

Ninja – If you haven’t heard of the gamers I previously mentioned, it’s likely that you’re the next-gen audience that the YouTube / Twitch streamers have. In that case, I just know you know who Ninja is. Ninja is one of the best Fortnite players, and a lot of younger generations think of him as a role model. (Even my younger cousin looks up to him.)CORPSE – Last year, during my Among Us video gameplay binge, I stumbled upon CORPSE. He is a “faceless” YouTube gamer that is famous for his insane Among Us gameplays, which are so clever and witty that you have to witness them! I swear I never saw someone play Among Us that good before – he knows how to manipulate his team-mates so well that it’s just incredibly funny to watch them play all together!