Two Programming Languages That Are Perfect For Beginners

I have already covered the topic of what the best programming languages of 2021 are, but today I wanted to focus on them in another light. The company I work in brings in interns every year, and every year we get to teach a lot of young aspiring programmers how to develop apps and such. And really, almost everyone we interviewed has told us that in the beginning, they had a lot of issues when it came to deciding which programming language to study because of their pros and cons.

Today, I wanted to present you once again a list of great programming languages, but this time, the focus will be placed on their availability to beginner programmers. Please take note that not all of the programming languages are suitable for programs / apps used on all platforms; some for instance, Python, can’t be used for mobile programming.

However, Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn!

I’ve started describing Python with a con – it’s unavailable for mobile development and that is a major issue for those who want to practice app programming and are beginners. However, if you are not interested in mobile programming, you can safely begin your programming journey with Python. It’s extremely easy to use, it’s readable (you’re not faced with difficult codes in the beginning, it reads like a language you can understand), and it’s backed by so many people as it’s an open-source programming language! Not only do they teach Python in colleges now, you can also find a lot of courses and tutorials on the internet you can follow in real-time. The skills you will gain while practicing Python will definitely serve you in any programming job you will have in the future, so why not give it a try?

Java is a great contestant too

Apart from Python, another incredibly famous programming language is Java. It’s not as easy to use as Python, but once you cover the basics, you will be having fun with creating projects on your own. If you’re interested in mobile development, this is the perfect programming language for you: if you didn’t know, the code of the operating system Androids use is completely written in Java! The only issue I find with it (which can be monotonous for beginners) is that there is a lot of new vocabulary you will need to learn almost immediately at the beginning. But it’s really worth it!