PC Programming or Mobile Programming: What Are The Differences?

If you are a beginner programmer, I know that it can be difficult to test the waters: you want to develop an app using x programming language, you want to create a website for all platforms, a game for all platforms etc. but in reality, you know deep in your heart that you need to focus on one project at a time, and most likely, that one project will require only one platform in the beginning. My advice to you is: keep learning your programming language of choice, keep up with the new information related to all the platforms out there. That will at least help you narrow down the list of things you want to focus on in the start. Please note that I’m not saying that you can’t do all of the things I mentioned – I’m sure you can, but probably not all at the beginning of your career.

One of the most asked questions I get is if PC and mobile programming are different, and if one is better than the other. Just like there is a way to use Videoslots bonus code on PC and mobile, there are programming languages that can be used on both PC and mobile, but today, I will make a list of the differences between the two types of programming for you, but the answer to the original question really depends on your preferences. Without any further ado, here are some of the differences between PC and mobile programming:

Not all programming languages can be used for mobile development

As we’ve already discussed on this blog, there are some of the popular programming languages that don’t support mobile development, such as Python, for example.

So, if your programming language of choice is Python, I’m sorry to say that all you can focus on is PC programming (and that is completely fine!).

All other popular programming languages are used for all sorts of programming so you don’t need to worry about having to decide early on what programming sector you will be working in.

Different platforms call for different approaches

When you’re focusing on PC programming – you have a lot of references to rely on. PC programming is the older of the two practices, and most of the database information is about PC programming. It’s what you first learn in your programming courses, you are taught how to code so that the program you create fits and works properly on any PC.

This is different when it comes to mobile programming because mobile is much, much different from a PC and not just in size; the mobile interface is different than that of a PC and that poses many challenges for programmers. With mobile programming, you have to be aware of the buttons and their ability to be pressed (you can’t place a button near the edges of the screen for multiple reasons, major one being – they’re unreachable there), your app has to be simple and entertaining!


You can’t do this because of something called optimization. What looks good on a PC does not have to look and work good on a mobile – and that’s why you need to code your mobile app from scratch!