Four Fun Projects for Beginner Programmers

Programming has become quite a popular industry in the last decade or so, and it rightfully takes the place of one of the most popular career options as it deals with, whether you deny it or not, our (virtual) reality. Times are changing and so are we; it was only during the last year that you could have seen the impact digitalization has on us: it helped us stay in touch with our families and friends, helped us work from the comfort of our homes, etc. While it may seem to you that these apps we used are basic – you have to remember that someone coded them and made them available for you to use! So once you realize that almost everything we use on a daily basis is created out of code – It is no wonder that more and more people are getting interested in programming.

Nowadays there are many courses, both in schools and online, that teach you how to code – they can either be directed towards complete beginners to advanced programmers. Usually, programming is presented as something difficult, and it can be from time to time, which can sometimes demotivate beginners. My goal is to motivate you to work towards improving your skills, so if you are a beginner programmer, here are some of the easy projects you can do to practice your coding skills!   

Create a calculator

This is one of the first projects I had to do in my programming class and it really is a motivation booster. With just the basic coding skills, you can have this project completed in less than 30 minutes! The only thing you will have to do is create a layout and a code that processes both symbols (for example only + and –) and numbers. And voila, you have a basic calculator!

Create a timer

Similar to the calculator project, creating a timer is another no-brainer (almost). You will need to create a start button and a code that supports seconds, minutes, and hours, and that’s it. Cool, huh?

Re-design a website

Since you are a beginner, creating a website from scratch may still seem too far on the programming skills ladder, and that is why I suggest you try to redesign a website you like. Choose any website you prefer – take its template and play around with it. There will be less stress as you already have something to rely on – and there can be fewer coding mistakes!

While redesigning, you can also make a website be multi-responsive

Sometimes, you will find out that some of the websites we use are not really created for all platforms – they will work perfectly on your PC but then lag or not even load properly on your phone. What you can do while you’re redesigning a website is make it applicable to all different platforms! I suggest you play and create a code that works perfectly well on a phone as it does on a PC, as phone usage is increasing nowadays.

I hope you try these ideas and that they work out for you!