mtex2tex - translate mtex(7) files to LaTeX format




mtex2tex is a filter that reads a file in mtex(7) format from its standard input, and writes a LaTeX-format file to standard output suitable for processing with latex(1).

In the output produced by mtex2tex, the title of the manpage is a LaTeX \section, and the sections of the manpage are LaTeX \subsections. The output does not contain a \documentstyle declaration, nor \begin{document} and \end{document} environment brackets. It is assumed that the output from this filter will be \input into some other top-level LaTeX document containing these commands, like this:

  \title{The \it{mtex} Package Manpages}
  \author{Harvey Throgenbottom}
mtex2tex is written entirely in LIM (see lim(1)).

Special Characters

There are several special characters for the LaTeX output format. Here are the characters and the strings they are translated to by mtex2tex(1):

"$" becomes "\$"
"&" becomes "\&"
"%" becomes "\%"
"#" becomes "\#"
"_" becomes "\_"
"{" becomes "\{"
"}" becomes "\}"
"~" becomes "{\tt\symbol{'176}}"
"^" becomes "{\tt\symbol{'136}}"
"\" becomes "{\tt\symbol{'134}}"

To prevent these characters from being translated within the scope of a tex environment, you must escape them with a \ (backslash) character.


See the Diagnostics section of the mtex(7) manpage for a complete description.


There is no way to specify that the space following a period should be the interword space in the case that the period does not end the sentence. Similarly, there is no way to indicate that a period following an uppercase letter actually ends a sentence.

By default, most LaTeX document styles do not skip a line to start a new paragraph. Instead, they indent the first line of the paragraph. This can lead to formatting anomalies compared to the HTML- and man-formatted versions of a manpage.

By default, most LaTeX document styles skip a line between list environment items, even if no new paragraph is indicated between them.

By default, most LaTeX document styles skip a line before the first line of an environment and after the last line of the environment, even if no new paragraph is indicated there.

The text following items in a description environment does not start on a new line.

Links are not indicated in any way.

See Also

mtex home page,
mtex(7), mtex2html(1), mtex2man(1).


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