mtex2man - translate mtex(7) files to man format




mtex2man is a filter that reads a file in mtex(7) format from its standard input, and writes a man-format file to standard output suitable for viewing with nroff(1)/troff(1) and the man(7) or man.nopage(7) macro packages.

mtex2man is written entirely in LIM (see lim(1)).

Special Characters

There are two special characters for the man output format. Here are the characters and the strings they are translated to by mtex2man(1):

"-" becomes "\-"
"\" becomes "\\"

To prevent the first character from being translated within the scope of a roff environment, you must escape it with a \ (backslash) character.

Since the backslash character is the escape character used by mtex, the way to signal one in the input is by escaping it. Hence, the second translation listed above says that "\\" in the input become "\\" in the output.


See the Diagnostics section of the mtex(7) manpage for a complete description.


The \tt command for typesetting in fixed-width font is currently ignored.

For now, there is no way to produce a single \ (backslash) character in a roff environment.

An escaped backslash character (\\) should not be used in arguments to the \item command within the description environment. There seems to be a problem with using backslash in arguments to certain man(7) macros.

The " (double-quote) character should not be used in arguments to the \manpage and \section commands. This problem seems to be due to a mistake in the design of nroff(1)/troff(1), which uses this character literally in some contexts but as a method of quoting in others.

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See Also

mtex home page,
mtex(7), mtex2html(1), mtex2tex(1),
nroff(1), troff(1), man(7), man.nopage(7)


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