vwhohas - Report who has Vesta packages checked out


vwhohas [-n | -p | -b] [-m] [-t] [-v] [-R repos] [package...]



See the vesta-intro man page's Terminology section for definitions of terms, and its Name Interpretation section for an explanation of how names are looked up.

The vwhohas command reports who has checked out the given Vesta packages, or who has checked out packages in the given Vesta directory trees.

In more detail, vwhohas walks the directory tree rooted at each of the given package arguments, with the extent of the walk controlled by the flags documented below. For each stub that has a nonempty checkout-by attribute, the absolute name of the stub, the value of checkout-by, and the value of checkout-to (if any) are printed. A package argument can be either a package, or an appendable directory that might have packages in the subtree below it.

If the name package is unqualified (does not have "/", ".", or ".." as its first arc), it is interpreted relative to the site's default directory of packages, DefaultPackageParent. If package is omitted, it defaults to /vesta.

vwhohas returns status 0 for success, 1 for parameter syntax errors, or 2 for more serious errors.


No recursion. Only the specified directories are searched for checkout stubs, not any branches or other subdirectories. Each directory must be a package.
Recurse to the package level. All the specified directories are searched, and (recursively) any subdirectories that are not branches or checkout sessions. This is the default.
Recurse into branches. All the specified directories are searched, and (recursively) any subdirectories that are not checkout sessions.
Try to get more complete and authoritative information by accessing the master copy of each object. Without this flag, packages that are not replicated in the local repository are missed entirely, and package checkouts are missed if the local repository was neither the master of the package nor the destination of the checkout.
Print only the tail of each package version name, that is, only the portion following what was given on the command line. If you specify this flag, you may give at most one package argument.
Print change history message for version reservations.
-R repos
Look in repos instead of the default local repository. The repository is specified by host name and TCP port number in the format host:port. The :port portion may be omitted; it defaults to [Repository]VestaSourceSRPC_port.


The following values are obtained from the [UserInterface] section of the Vesta configuration file (vesta.cfg).

The filename under which the global root directory of Vesta repositories is mounted. Ordinarily set to /vesta.
The default directory to put new packages in. Ordinarily a subdirectory of /vesta, named with an Internet domain name belonging to the local site.

The following values are obtained from the [Repository] section of the Vesta configuration file.

The host name of the default (local) repository.
The default TCP port number for repositories.


If a package is mastered at one repository but has been checked out at another, it can be checked back in without the master repository's knowledge. If this happens, "vwhohas -m" will report that the package is still checked out. This occurrence should be rare, however, since by default vcheckin replicates the new version back to the package's master repository.

See Also

vesta-intro(1), repos-ui(1)


Tim Mann

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