vdumplog - Dump a VestaLog file to standard output


vdumplog [-n number] [-l] [directory]


Linearize and dump the contents of a log file written by VestaLog (see VestaLog.H) to standard output. If directory is omitted, the log is found in the current directory.

This command is useful by itself for debugging Vesta components that write log files, particularly the repository. It is useful together with vappendlog(8) if you need to manually edit the data in a log. You can dump the log into a plain file with vdumplog, edit the file with an ordinary text editor, and write the modified data to a new log with vappendlog.


-n number
If -n is omitted, the highest-numbered log file with a committed checkpoint is dumped, or 0.log if there are no committed checkpoints. If -n is supplied, number.log is dumped.
If -l is omitted, only the log records in one log file are dumped. If -l is supplied, the program loops through all higher-numbered log files and appends their records as well.

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