vaccessrefresh - Ask the Vesta repository to refresh its access control tables


vaccessrefresh [-R repos]



The vaccessrefresh command is an administrative utility which asks the repository to refresh its in-memory access control information.

A successful refresh will make the repository aware of all changes to its host operating system's user and group databases, as well as changes to the repository's export, alias, and group files.

vaccessrefresh returns status 0 for success, 1 for configuration errors, or 2 for network, permissions, or parsing errors.


-R repos
Make the access control refresh request to repos instead of the default local repository. The repository is specified by host name and TCP port number in the format host:port. The :port portion may be omitted; it defaults to [Repository]VestaSourceSRPC_port.


The following values are obtained from the [Repository] section of the Vesta configuration file.

The host name of the default (local) repository.
The default TCP port number for repositories.


Only an administrator can perform this operation. All other users will be denied permission.

Any errors in parsing the repository's access control files (export, alias, and group) will abort the refresh of access control information, leaving the repository's in-memory tables unchanged. Any such errors will be reported to the client and displayed for the user.

See Also

repository(8), "Access Control" section, vesta-intro(1), repos-ui(1)


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