repos-ui - Command-line user interface to the Vesta repository


Vesta provides a set of simple command-line tools as a user interface to the repository. See the documentation listed below for each tool.

See Also

vesta-intro(1) - Vesta introduction and glossary.
vmkdir(1) - Create a directory.
vcreate(1) - Create a package.
vcheckout(1) - Check out a package.
vadvance(1) - Advance a checkout session.
vmake(1) - Advance and build the next version.
vcheckin(1) - Check in a package.
vbranch(1) - Create a branch.
vwhohas(1) - Who has packages checked out?
vlatest(1) - Find latest package versions.
vhistory(1) - Show package history.
vattrib(1) - Manipulate mutable attributes.
vrepl(1) - Replicate sources from one repository to another.
vmaster(1) - Move mastership of a source to a different replica.
repository(8) - The repository server.
vid(1) - Get information about a user from the repository.
vaccessrefresh(8) - Ask the repository to reload its access control tables.


There is no graphical user interface.

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