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See the Terminology section of the vesta-intro man page for definitions of terms.

TestVDirSurrogate is a test program for the Vesta repository. It provides a way to exercise most of the functions of the VDirSurrogate, VestaSource, and AccessControl interfaces that are available to client programs outside the repository address space. The program uses library code that makes SRPC calls to the repository server, using the VestaSourceSRPC interface.

TestVDirSurrogate maintains an array of VestaSource objects. Initially the appendable root (conventionally /vesta) is source #0, and the mutable root (conventionally /vesta-work) is source #1. Each command that creates a new VestaSource object returns its number, and these numbers can be used in further commands.

After starting the program, type "?" for a list of available commands. Most commands relate directly to a similarly-named method of the VestaSource, VDirSurrogate, or AccessControl interface.




The following values are obtained from the [Repository] section of the Vesta configuration file (vesta.cfg).

UDP port on which the SRPC interface that supports VDirSurrogate and friends is exported. The SRPC interface itself is described in VestaSourceSRPC.H; hence the name.
Host from which VestaSourceSRPC is exported. This must be the host on which the repository process is running.


TestVDirSurrogate has very rudimentary input error checking. If you type a letter where it wants to see a number, you could easily put it into an infinite loop.

See Also

vesta-intro(1), repository(8), TestShortId(8).


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