ShowCache - list the files maintained by the Vesta-2 cache server


ShowCache [ -v


ShowCache displays a list of the files maintained by the Vesta-2 cache server. This includes the cache server's log files, and the files containing stable cache entries.

By default, the files containing the stable cache entries are not listed, since there are likely to be so many of them. If you specify the -v switch, all of the stable cache files are listed.

Configuration Variables

ShowCache lists files contained in a part of the filesystem pointed to by the current Vesta configuration file. In particular, it reads the following values from the CacheServer section of the configuration file:

MetaDataRoot     - root of Vesta-2 meta-data
  MetaDataDir    - root of cache server meta-data sub-tree
    SCacheDir    - root of stable cache entries sub-tree
    SVarsDir     - root of stable variables sub-tree
    WeededLogDir - directory containing log of weeded MPKFiles
    CacheLogDir  - directory containing the cache log
    GraphLogDir  - directory containing the graph log
    CILogDir     - directory containing the used cache index log
Nesting indicates how the directory tree corresponding to these names is structured. If the MetaDataRoot value is the empty string, then the current directory is used.

See Also

CleanCache(1), CreateCacheDirs(1), EraseCache(1), PrintMPKFile(1), VCache(1), WhichCache(1).


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