PrintGraphLog - print the current Vesta-2 cache server graph log


PrintGraphLog [ -verbose | -brief ] [ -stats [ -size-cutoff size ] ]



The Vesta-2 cache server VCache(1) keeps a stable log called the graph log of the cache entries and deriveds reachable from new cache entries. It also records any root nodes that have been checkpointed by the client. The graph log is read by the Vesta-2 weeder VestaWeed(1) to determine which entries and deriveds are reachable from the roots. This program prints an ASCII representation of the complete graph log and optionally some statistics about it to standard output.

By default, one line is printed per entry in the graph log, followed by the total number of root and node entries. If the -verbose option is specified, the complete contents of each graph log entry is printed. If the -brief option is specified, the entries are not printed but the totals still are.

With the -stats option, statistics about the top contributors to the size of the graph log are gathered and displayed after the totals. (Occasionally, new SDL code or modifications to SDL code will cause a significant increase in the amount of information in the cache server's graph log. This option is intended to help track down the cause of such issues.) Statistics are gathered both by primary key and by model shortid. The -size-cutoff option can be used to reduce the amount of output produced in the statistics section.


PrintGraphLog recognizes the following command-line options:


Print the full contents of every graph log entry rather than a one-line summary. (Note: this can produce a very larger amount of output.)


Do not print anything for each graph log entry, not even a one-line summary. Useful if you're more interested in the total number of roots and nodes, or when using -stats.


Gather size statistics of the graph log nodes by primary key and model shortid.

-size-cutoff size

Set the minimum amount of space a primary key or model shortid must contirubte to the total size of the graph log to be listed in the output produced by -stats. Defaults to 100k it -size-cutoff is not given on the command line.


Here's an excerpt of the output of PrintGraphLog:

% PrintGraphLog
Graph log entries:
  Node: pk = 4d28ba275bd7cd24 5cc9cf0103e42be9, ci = 1, ...
  Node: pk = ec6361d61d032a6b 29312a8f3ac688ea, ci = 2, ...
  Node: pk = b97934ad0e8f5845 551f0482be0ab312, ci = 3, ...
  Node: pk = d8e6dd3e6d5ea5d1 bf54afed8db26f60, ci = 4, ...
  Node: pk = 733c95a1c4fea3e3 ff08a6dd44075832, ci = 5, ...
  Node: pk = 0e6ecfcedd47b02a 437108cf9e2ee53c, ci = 6, ...
  Node: pk = 1879331b6c33b6b5 ce82e2f61b396efb, ci = 7, ...
  Node: pk = e9e6bcaab9aec292 86654b582bb17ee2, ci = 8, ...
  Node: pk = 95d87e0baf353729 7c236ecf0b3cc288, ci = 9, ...
  Node: pk = a935cbd69cc8954d 982de0b7929ea1ae, ci = 11502, ...
  Node: pk = 7481130ce040dee2 aa81237a7e972034, ci = 11503, ...
  Node: pk = 7e2abcebab435119 0ce2eae67f67d2e2, ci = 11504, ...
  Node: pk = 5c780935b759751f ed23ccd8991a7647, ci = 11505, ...
  Node: pk = 2328fdf4c2a094b5 732586c61eb0f94f, ci = 11506, ...
  Node: pk = e9a69922f62b3e81 c58f6384d1c667c9, ci = 11507, ...
  Root: pkgFP = 6bb57df860bcb28d f6f669f5b63fcf40, model = 2165291531, ...
*** Totals ***
  roots = 217
  nodes = 33463
With -verbose, it produces much more information:
% PrintGraphLog -verbose
*** Entry 0 ***
    pk = 4d28ba275bd7cd24 5cc9cf0103e42be9
    ci = 1
    model = 2613891739
    kids = {  }
    refs = {
      0x6ff13dd4, 0x7c34d092, 0x4fd6536b, 0x6c723e45, 0x6232203f, 
      0x6362d311, 0x6362d311, 0x4bf8cc86, 0x5b6a2c23, 0x7b850c86, 
      0x472232b1, 0x5e5c263b, 0x47b7ae10, 0x737cb62d, 0x55463ad7, 
      0x5b9a6202, 0x55a88c34, 0x59784e47, 0x51bef979, 0x4b4b8236, 
      0x508391d8, 0x62e8a075, 0x4ec1aed1, 0x50422555, 0x7a1b18d9, 
      0x5317996d, 0x5fbc458f, 0x6c723e45, 0x5cc429a3 }

*** Entry 1 ***
    pk = ec6361d61d032a6b 29312a8f3ac688ea
    ci = 2
    model = 2610071581
    kids = {  }
    refs = { 0x9b92881e, 0x5e5c263b }


*** Entry 33811 ***
    pk = b428b015f402e06c e255db71b4869b31
    ci = 11671
    model = 2800349642
    kids = {
      11508, 16743, 11512, 11509, 11513, 11640, 11670, 11529 }
    refs = {
      0x7e2680d7, 0x7e2680d7, 0x7e2680d7, 0x7e2680d7, 0x48d3a02d, 
      0x48d3a02d, 0x8fab7469, 0x8fab746e, 0x8fab7476, 0x8fab747e, 
      0x8fab7486, 0x8fab748e, 0x8fab7496, 0x8fab749e, 0x88d36d63, 
      0x8fab746a, 0x8fab7472, 0x8fab747a, 0x8fab7482, 0x8fab748a, 
      0x8fab7492, 0x8fab749a, 0x8fab74a3, 0xbb189d58, 0xbb189d59, 
      0xbb189d5a, 0xbb189d5b, 0xbb189d5c, 0x8fab74ac, 0x9c637d88, 
      0x9c637d8a, 0x9c637d8c, 0x9c637d8e, 0x9c637d90, 0x9c637d92, 
      0x9c637d94, 0x9c637d96, 0x9c637d98, 0x9c637d9a, 0x9c637d9c, 
      0x8fab745f, 0x9c637da0, 0x9c637da2, 0x9c637da4, 0x9c637da6, 
      0x9c637da8, 0x9c637daa, 0x9c637dac, 0x9c637dae, 0x9c637db0, 
      0x9c637d89, 0x9c637d8b, 0x9c637d8d, 0x9c637d8f, 0x9c637d91, 
      0x9c637d93, 0x9c637d95, 0x9c637d97, 0x9c637d9b, 0x9c637d9d, 
      0x8fab745e, 0x9c637da1, 0x9c637da3, 0x9c637da5, 0x9c637dad, 
      0x9c637db1, 0x9c637d99, 0x9c637da7, 0x9c637da9, 0x9c637dab, 
      0x9c637daf }

*** Entry 33812 ***
    pkgFP = ebb57df860bcb28d 7ef669f5b63fcf40
    model = 2800349642
    time = Fri May 19 14:29:09 2006
    done = true
    cis = { 11671 }

*** Totals ***
  roots = 220
  nodes = 33593
Here's how you might use -stats, -brief, and -size-cutoff to investigate where the most graph log space is being consumed.
% PrintGraphLog -stats -brief -size-cutoff 500k
*** Totals ***
  roots = 225
  nodes = 33791
*** Stats ***
  --- By PK ---
    74459200bf3b0874 da9bc211ab846063 = 1.1M bytes
    f49aba5af4969f73 f4b1271cb1aaebac = 1.0M bytes
    984848d1136328ba 6a4ef335e9d94c70 = 583K bytes
    96e44a34db01449b fcb8b45cfd6bacac = 581K bytes
    565deebbe7ae516d 14ebcf453c8ad109 = 544K bytes
    8b3952719ad8cd6f a749d1994cd9cfc9 = 527K bytes
    111d0139bf8bf24b 8b5810b41c74f43c = 523K bytes
    56c64a4365a6ef67 2f719315baea2db2 = 521K bytes
    c730a9ac5b684cee 657c52b8f010986f = 516K bytes
  (Skipping PKs with less than 500K)
  --- By Model ---
    /var/lib/vesta/sid/a6b/c12/97 = 14M bytes
    /var/lib/vesta/sid/97c/cda/8a = 3.1M bytes
    /var/lib/vesta/sid/859/585/c8 = 1.6M bytes
  (Skipping Models with less than 500K)

Configuration Variables

PrintGraphLog locates the graphLog file by reading site-specific configuration information from a Vesta-2 configuration file named vesta.cfg. It first looks for this file in the current directory; if none is found there, it looks in your home directory.

The configuration file is divided into a number of sections, denoted in the file by [SectionName]. The variables used by the PrintGraphLog are in the section denoted by [CacheServer]. Here are the variables it uses and their meanings; the types of the variables are shown in parentheses:

MetaDataRoot (string)
The pathname of the directory in which the Vesta system's metadata is stored. If this variable is undefined, the current directory is used. If defined, this path should end in a slash (/) character. Other configuration variables are interpreted relative to this path.

MetaDataDir (string)
The directory (relative to the MetaDataRoot) in which the cache server's metadata is stored. This directory should end in a slash (/) character.

GraphLogDir (string)
The directory (relative to the MetaDataRoot/MetaDataDir) in which the cache server stores its graph log.


GraphLog files. The graph log records elements of the cache entry graph for use by the Vesta-2 weeder.

See Also

VCache(1), VestaWeed(1)


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