PrintCacheLog - print the current Vesta-2 cache server cache log


PrintCacheLog [ -verbose ]


The Vesta-2 cache server VCache(1) keeps a stable log of new cache entries called the cache log that have yet to be written to stable cache entry files. It also keeps a stable log of PKFiles that have been deleted called the empty PK log. This program prints an ASCII representation of both logs to standard output.

The empty PK log is a sequence of (pk, pkEpoch) pairs, where pk is the primary key identifying the deleted PKFile (a fingerprint), and pkEpoch is the epoch the PKFile would have had if it had not been deleted. For a description of this log and why it is needed, see the description on supporting deletions in the CacheLog.

The cache log is a sequence of (pk, pkEpoch, entry) triples, where pk is the primary key of the entry (a fingerprint), pkEpoch is the epoch in effect for its PKFile when it was created, and entry is the entry itself.

By default, the program writes a one-line summary of each cache log entry. If -verbose is specified, it writes a complete description of each one.

Configuration Variables

PrintCacheLog locates the cache log file by reading site-specific configuration information from a Vesta-2 configuration file named vesta.cfg. It first looks for this file in the current directory; if none is found there, it looks in your home directory.

The configuration file is divided into a number of sections, denoted in the file by [SectionName]. The variables used by the PrintCacheLog are in the section denoted by [CacheServer]. Here are the variables it uses and their meanings; the types of the variables are shown in parentheses:

MetaDataRoot (string)
The pathname of the directory in which the Vesta system's metadata is stored. If this variable is undefined, the current directory is used. If defined, this path should end in a slash (/) character. Other configuration variables are interpreted relative to this path.

MetaDataDir (string)
The directory (relative to the MetaDataRoot) in which the cache server's metadata is stored. This directory should end in a slash (/) character.

CacheLogDir (string)
The directory (relative to the MetaDataRoot/MetaDataDir) in which the cache server stores its cache log.


CacheLog files. The cache log contains new cache entries that have not yet been written to stable cache files.

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