CreateCacheDirs - create directories required by the Vesta-2 cache server


CreateCacheDirs [ -n ]


If they don't exist, CreateCacheDirs creates directories required by the Vesta-2 cache server in the current directory. If the -n switch is used, CreateCacheDirs prints what it would do, but does not actually create any directories.

The cache servers's files are stored in directories according to names in the Vesta-2 configuration file. In particular, the following variables from the CacheServer section of the configuration file name directories created by CreateCacheDirs:

MetaDataRoot     - root of Vesta-2 meta-data
  MetaDataDir    - root of cache server meta-data sub-tree
    SVarsDir     - root of stable variables sub-tree
    SCacheDir    - root of stable cache entries sub-tree
    WeededLogDir - directory containing log of weeded MPKFiles
    CacheLogDir  - directory containing the cache log
    GraphLogDir  - directory containing the graph log
    CILogDir     - directory containing the used cache index log
Nesting indicates how the directory tree corresponding to these names is structured. If the MetaDataRoot value is the empty string, then the current directory is used.

The following variable from the Weeder section of the configuration file names a directory created by CreateCacheDirs:

  MetaDataDir    - directory containing the Weeder's metadata
The weeder's meta-data directory is iterpretted relative to the cache server's meta-data root.

CreateCacheDirs does not create a directory for MetaDataRoot, but only for those directories named underneath it. You should be sure that the directory named by the MetaDataRoot configuration variable already exists. It it is an absolute pathname (as is usually the case), then CreateCacheDirs can be run from any directory.


CleanCache(1), EraseCache(1), ShowCache(1), VCache(1)


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