CleanCache - delete temporary files in the Vesta-2 stable cache


CleanCache [ -f ]


The Vesta-2 cache server uses the VestaAtomicFile interface to write some of the files in the stable cache atomically. VestaAtomicFile works by creating the file under a temporary name. It commits a file by atomically renaming the temporary file to the intended filename.

If the cache server crashes before some VestaAtomicFiles are committed, their temporary files are left in the stable cache. CleanCache deletes these stranded temporary files. It first lists all of the temporary files in the stable cache, and then asks for confirmation before deleting them. If the -f option is supplied, deletion is forced without a request for confirmation.

Warning! It is quite dangerous to clean a stable cache that is in use by some cache server. Deleting a valid temporary file will most likely cause the cache server to crash. Be sure there is no cache server running on the stable cache in question before using this program.

Configuration Variables

CleanCache deletes files contained in a part of the filesystem pointed to by the current Vesta configuration file. In particular, it reads the following values from the CacheServer section of the configuration file:

MetaDataRoot     - root of Vesta-2 meta-data
  MetaDataDir    - root of cache server meta-data sub-tree
    SCacheDir    - root of stable cache entries sub-tree
    SVarsDir     - root of stable variables sub-tree
Nesting indicates how the directory tree corresponding to these names is structured. If the MetaDataRoot value is the empty string, then the current directory is used.

See Also

CreateCacheDirs(1), EraseCache(1), ShowCache(1), VCache(1)


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