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The following comparison was written by the original Vesta developers some time ago. It compares and contrasts Vesta to RCS, CVS, and Make. Today there are many other alternatives available. Like Vesta, they each try to address some of the failings of older systems (e.g. RCS/CVS+Make). Unfortunately, the current Vesta maintainers haven't found the time to get familiar enough with these new options to provide an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of the modern alternatives.

The comparison below is still worth reading. You might find also find Shlomi Fish' "Better SCM" comparison useful. It compares several modern versioning systems, including Vesta. (Unlike the comparison on this page, it doesn't cover building.)

Assessment of Various SCM Systems

This document attempts to assess the pros and cons of various software configuration management (SCM) systems. It is intended to be used by organizations evaluating whether or not Vesta is suitable to their needs. As with any such assessment, whether to classify an item as a pro for one system or a con of another is a subjective decision.

The core SCM domain can be roughly divided into four areas:

Versioning is the facility for assigning version numbers to (collections of) source files.

Source Control
Source control is the mechanism by which new versions are checked out and checked in.

Configuration Management
A software artifact consists of multiple components, each of which is built from some (versions of) the sources. Configuration management is the mechanism for specifying which components go together to make the final artifact.

Building is the process for turning sources into derived files.
For each of the SCM systems evaluated below, we indicate which of these four areas it addresses.

This document covers the following SCM systems:

RCS (Revision Control System)

RCS handles versioning and source control. It is often used in conjunction with Make.



CVS (Concurrent Version System)

CVS handles versioning and source control. It is often used in conjunction with Make.




Make handles configuration management (without explicit version numbers) and building. It is often used in conjunction with RCS or CVS.




Vesta handles versioning, source control, configuration management (with explicit version numbers), and building.



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